Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. Despite the fact that all primary tumours were removed, in 2009, secondary breast cancer tumours were detected in Laura’s bone. With the indication from her doctor, Laura only had 18 months to live.  Older sister Alison took the job and started to search for a cure for Laura from food.

An initial operation to remove Laura’s tumour was followed by chemotherapy, radiation and many side effects. In 2010, secondary cancer tumours were detected in Laura’s bones and she was told she had as little as two years to live. After exhausting all traditional medicines available in Australia, Alison took up the challenge.

“I starting researching alternative treatments and luckily discovered the Hoxsey Treatment at the Bio Medical Centre in Tijuana, Mexico. Immediately, I started making arrangements to take Laura there,” Alison says. “Once in Mexico, Laura was prescribed – first and foremost – the Hoxsey tonic (a powerful combination of nutrients), supplements, a very strict diet and a strong mental attitude. With my background in the culinary world, this positive approach was like waving the chequered flag in front of me. It was the start of the challenge to keep Laura alive through the power of healthy, nutritional food and supplements. So I created a diet and Laura adhered to it.

Incredibly, Laura was declared cancer free both in Mexico and Australia in 2012. Today, Laura is cancer free, remains on her strict diet and has returned to work at her home-based business, Twinkle Toes, at Wakerley, Brisbane. She works side-by-side with Alison as they continue to spread the word about Eat for a Cure.


“Since Laura’s first diagnosis in 2007 and second in 2010, I have been catapulted, out of necessity, into saving my sister’s life.” Alison Taafe