About the clinic

Bio-Medical Centre (Hoxsey Clinic)

Since 1963, the Bio Medical Centre in Tijuana, Mexico has provided Hoxsey therapy to many patients suffering from cancer. It was one of the first alternative cancer facilities in Mexico. The Hoxsey method was developed in the 1920s by Harry Hoxsey, who claimed his grandfather had discovered the beginnings of the treatment when one of his horses who grazed on plant life in their field, had a tumour that disappeared. After mixing these plants with other remedies thought to cure cancer, the Hoxsey tonic was born. Harry Hoxsey marketed and sold the Hoxsey tonic to people suffering from cancer. After lengthy legal battles, which saw him imprisoned and later released, he was banned from practicing medicine and prescribing the tonic in the USA. So, unwilling to concede, he moved his practice over the border to Mexico in the 1963 so he could continue to help people fight this dreadful disease. Mildred Nelson, who was Harry Hoxsey’s chief nurse at the Hoxsey Clinic in Dallas, took over running the practice in Tijuana, Mexico when Harry Hoxsey died. Mildred herself died in 1999 and her sister Liz Jonas, with the help of her son Mike, now run the clinic.

What is the treatment?

The treatment is relatively inexpensive as compared to other overseas therapies and clinics. It costs approx. $1000 for the tonic plus extras of up to $2000 depending on the diagnosis.  In addition to the Hoxsey treatment, which is comprised of a liquid elixir containing a mixture of herbs and several topical salves, the clinic may also use other supplements like: diet, nutrition, infusions and chelation therapy. The clinic treats most types of malignancies, but it is said to be especially effective with skin cancer (including melanoma), breast cancer, and has been successful with some recurrent cancers and even with patients who’ve had radiation and/or chemotherapy.

How long is required at the clinic?

Each case is different. The clinic offer daily infusions of Vitamin C and Laetrile so depending on your circumstances, it could be as little as a day or as long as a few weeks. If you are intending to go to the clinic, we suggest you send your current scan results to them before you travel so that they can advise you of your estimated length of stay.

That’s it in a nutshell. The clinic is a wonderful place and we actually look forward to going there each year. In the first stages of Laura’s treatment at the Bio Medical Centre she was asked to return after 6 mths for a follow up consultation to basically investigate whether the Hoxsey treatment had been working. After 2 initial visits in September 2011 and then again in April 2012, Laura was told that her cancer had all but disappeared and was in remission. Laura was given a reprieve and was asked to visit the clinic in 12 months this time. She returned to the clinic in June 2013 where she received the news that her cancer had not returned and she was still miraculously in remission. We are planning our 4th visit in August 2014..

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